When the Navy found kittens on a ship that was sinking, a brave sailor rushed to save them

A fishing boat caught fire this week many miles off the Thai coast. They asked for immediate assistance. However, the fire damage caused the ship to capsize and sink. 

Fortunately, there was another boat nearby whose people heard a call for help and saved the crew of the sunken boat.

 However, not all of the group’s members were saved. Witnesses saw a number of other souls on the sinking ship. 

Tattaphon Sai, one of the sailors, swam to the rescue. On the boat, there were two cats. In dread, they clutched to their rescuer. Fortunately, everyone survived. 

The gallant sailor skillfully extracted the cats from the boat, which was already almost submerged at the rescue time. The animals would have drowned if Sai had been even a few minutes late. 

Sai merely said, “Because every life counts,” when asked why he chose to behave heroically.

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