When the newlyweds were going through family picture archives, they discovered that they had known each other since childhood (video)

Everyone gasped when they opened the page with the photo!

They are correct: random meetings are not random. Ed and Heidi Salvatt put this to the test.

Their first meeting took occurred in a university dorm in 2011. Heidi decided to assist the man as he awkwardly attempted to deal with the washing machine. This acquaintance proved to be fortuitous.

Young people quickly found similar ground for discussion, and Ed quickly invited a new acquaintance on a date. Their love grew quickly, and Heidi found herself in the role of the bride a few years later.

A meeting with their parents awaited them ahead of them. And it turned out to be rather surprising. Heidi’s parents, having discovered family albums, began to tell the prospective son-in-law about his beloved’s upbringing, including a vacation to the sea where the girl had a boyfriend.

Everyone practically gasped as they opened the page with the photo. The photo shows tiny Ed standing close to Heidi. What a surprise! The guy’s parents discovered the same photo.

It was then discovered that the families were on vacation at the same resort and hotel in 1997. Then tiny Ed and Heidi made buddies and stayed for the entire holiday. They just met again by coincidence after 14 years.

After marrying, the pair chose to spend one of their first combined holidays in Turkish Bodrum, where they initially met.

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