When they brought him to the shelter it was obvious, that he was much more different from his siblings

He is now enjoying his life to the fullest.

The personnel at the humane society noticed something quite odd when the newborns were brought in. In such situations, they knew who to contact for assistance. Michelle, one of the helpers, answered. Michelle had fostered a lot of animals with unique needs, but she had never encountered a cat who so “fiercely” won her over.

The youngest of them, Widget, quickly attracted her whole attention as she promised to take care of them. The kitten was born a dwarf, which was caused by genetic abnormalities. As we all know, this causes the body to seem strange.

This cat had a very noticeable scowl on its face, giving it a really unusual appearance. He had a distinct appearance and expression that made it clear he was different from his siblings and sisters. He was also lighter than other cats in terms of weight.

He was referred to as a “wrinkly cat.” All of his brothers swiftly found their permanent homes after spending some time in foster care, but this scowling little cat had already decided that Michelle would be his new family. Widget is currently living it up to the fullest in his cozy house with his incredibly loving mother and his other siblings.

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