Where do bullfinches disappear in summer?.

Bullfinches appear in our cities with the onset of cold weather. But where do they come from, and where do they fly to?

In the warm season, bullfinches from the city move to coniferous forests. They eat the buds of fruitful trees, so they are very comfortable among the plants.

When frosts come in the taiga, there is nothing to eat there, then they fly to the cities for the winter. The air is warmer and there is enough food. They eat berries and apples. And only seeds and the pulp is not interesting to them. It is for this reason, by the way, that the birds have a red chest. Fruit seeds contain carotenoids, which color feathers.

Only males have a bright coat, while females have a modest gray-brown abdomen. The male attracts his future wife with a song. In summer, during nesting, all sounds stop. They fall silent so as not to give away the place of the nest with offspring. A couple is formed for life.

5-7 chicks are born. Parents feed young creatures with insects. In size, bullfinches do not exceed an ordinary sparrow. They live an average of 3-4 years.

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