“Where is the bra?”: Olivia Wilde appeared at the awards in a provocative way and confused the fans!

Olivia Wilde made an appearance at the Santa Monica People’s Choice Awards. With a fiery garment, the 38-year-old actress made her red carpet-debut.

The star of “House Doctor” regularly dresses naively for publications. Following her divorce from Jason Sudeikis, she started changing her look. No longer putting any limitations on herself, the actress.

Olivia selected a black lace dress with tiny straps and a visible back for the People’s Choice Awards. The actress’s clothing did not imply that she was wearing a bra because of the deep neckline. Just barely, the lace covered Wilde’s chest.

An enormous Dior leather belt was tied around the waist by Harry Styles’ former lover. Olivia might complete her risky look with high-cut shorts and stiletto shoes.

The stylists restyled Wilde’s long hair, giving it a relaxed look with a few soft curls. Experts in cosmetics applied her makeup, paying particular attention to the actress’s eyes. Using delicate lipstick, the lips were painted.

Her admirers enjoyed the actress’s trim body. Her compassion and naturalness were recognized in several comments. The lack of bras has drawn criticism from some customers.

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