While rescuing a shivering dog volunteers discovered her cubs cowering in the pipe from the cold

Three puppies trembled in the cold as they sat in the dark.

That winter day, there was a lot of snow on the streets. It was freezing and dangerous to walk. If humans and dogs could still hide from the elements in apartments, a stray dog and his puppies would have ended up in the cold, among dense snow.

Even though he was in a rush to get home, one man couldn’t pass by a fallen pipe with a squeak. He summoned the volunteers, who arrived to assist.

And she was right on time! Inside the pipe was a dog. She peeked around and quickly hid. But the next thing she knew, she was out in public. She wagged her tail wildly and around the volunteers, ecstatic at their arrival. The steely eyes of the dog were riveted on one of the volunteers. Then she bent her head and asked to be patted.

Of course, the volunteers were overjoyed to have helped a needy animal. However, we decided to peer into the pipe once again. Is there anyone else present? Their instincts did not let them down. Three pups trembled in the cold as they sat in the dark. They were frightened to death.

Volunteers attempted to entice the children out of the pipe with the aid of their mother, but they refused. They then took the dog to the car and started luring the puppies with food.

That, too, did not work. Volunteers were required to stand at either end of the pipe. One softly inserted her brush. And then one puppy leaped out. Then there were the second and third.

The children were also led to a car and placed in a cage with their mother. However, we did not depart straight away. We checked around to make sure there were no additional pups in the neighborhood just in case.

The dog family then arrived at the shelter. Of course, the circumstances for keeping animals here are deplorable. It’s also a good thing that the dogs aren’t on a cold street and aren’t hungry.

I’ll look for the kids’ owners when they’re a bit older. And the mother dog as well. She also requires a decent partner who will look after her. In any event, he won’t leave her out in the cold any longer.

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