White duck wears running shoes for the marathon and gets a medal and a T-shirt (video)

The adorable duck readily presented with her fans and had a memorable day.

Wrinkle, a cute white duck, recently became well-known online. She joined a large group of runners in a long-distance race in Long Island, NYC. This incredible event was shared on a website for online entertainment.

The video was uploaded virally and showed a few youngsters and grown-ups gathered at the long-distance race’s initial stage.

The sincere duck, however, was so little that she could not be seen. Instead, she was surrounded by everyone.

When everyone started to run, Wrinkle was seen jogging beside her closest buddy, who kept the duck hydrated while she covered a substantial amount of ground. She was always being given water to drink. She continued to run for a time.

Finally, a few people started to accompany her and take photographs. It was unusual to see a duck competing against humans across vast distances.

The adorable and flamboyant duck even wore a red racing shoe to help her cover such a long distance.

The owner, who was so caring to provide her the shoes to protect Wrinkle’s feet, had them expertly altered for her. Wrinkle waddled towards the direction of the victory lap, anxious to reach the destination.

The cute duck then finished the long-distance race herself and folded her wings with energy.
The duck eventually became so exhausted that she was able to drink some water and take a little nap.

Wrinkle was given a decoration by the planners, which she made sure to display. She eventually even bought herself a black shirt. Several people walked up to the depleted duck so they could take photographs of it.

The cute duck easily presented with her fans and enjoyed a fantastic day.

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