Why do I put a coin in the freezer every time I leave home for more than a day

My good friend lives in another country where literally everyone uses this method – when they leave, they leave coins in their freezers.

All of Europe always puts a coin in the freezer for a long time away from home. This is the most simple and absolutely ingenious invention. By the way, it is even somewhat surprising that the innovators in this matter are the inhabitants of Western countries and not our native state.

You see, it’s easy to tell from a coin if the electricity went out at home (and even for how long) on ​​the days you were away.

When I need to leave home (to the country house, on a business trip, vacation) for more than a week, I turn off everything except the refrigerator, because it is never empty. I use the coin method to make sure that the products I left behind are not spoiled due to long or frequent power outages.

I take any deep container, pour water into it, and freeze it. And on top, I place a coin and put everything back into the freezer.

Arriving, I look there and determine – can I have a bite to eat on the road or should I go to the store for fresh food. The coin lies, as it lay – you can safely eat everything from the refrigerator.

Did it sink into the ice a little? “Light” was turned off, but not for long.

Did it go to the bottom? Electricity was cut off either repeatedly or once, but for a very long time. Food in the refrigerator is spoiled, there is a risk of poisoning. It’s time to go shopping.

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