Why is yarn dangerous for cats

A ball of yarn is a favorite toy for many cats. The ball unwinds, as a result of which strings stretch throughout the house, and this is real cat happiness. We learn from veterinary experts why cats love yarn so much, and how it can be dangerous.

Cat driven by hunting instinct

Hunting is an important cat instinct and if they live indoors they need stimulation, activity, and play. Most of all, cats like to play with things that are unpredictable – for example, a ball of yarn. It is soft and constantly unwinds, and cats love to play with it because it can be rolled around, scratched, and even chewed. However, the latter can be very dangerous entertainment for a pet.

Why is yarn dangerous?

Despite the fact that a ball of yarn is a familiar attribute that can even be found in cat advertisements, playing with it is not at all safe for your pet. Any piece of thread-like material can cause a serious problem if your cat eats it. Once inside, it can clog the intestines. The cat can also become very tangled in the threads, which is especially dangerous for small kittens.

How to keep your cat safe?

If you still decide to play with your cat with thread or yarn – do this only when she is under supervision. Watch her during the game, and then remove the yarn in a place inaccessible to the cat. So you protect your pet from possible problems. Take care of your furries!

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