Wildfires in Australia claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals, but despite the danger, the family saves every animal that needs help (video)

Australia’s unheard-of wildfires continue to claim hundreds of thousands of animal lives. There has never been such a disaster as in 2019-2020. Record heat and drought, lightning strikes that intensify the fire, caused enormous damage. It’s hard to say how long this will last…

The whole world’s attention is directed to what is happening on the continent. And, of course, many people threw all their strength to help the unfortunate animals. For example, a girl named Bindi Irwin and her family is doing everything possible to somehow alleviate the fate of the affected inhabitants of the forest.

The wildlife advocate shares photos on her social media explaining the situation. She says that her heart hurts because of suffering people and animals. The girl and other rescuers are safe – there is no fire near them. But her clinic, which is dedicated to animals from the wild, is already full.

“We will save as many lives as we can ! ” says Bindi. The girl’s parents set up a clinic at the Australian Zoo, owned by the girl’s grandmother. The whole family has dedicated themselves to helping animals, and now their work is more than ever welcome!

Bindi recently shared a photo of a fire-damaged opossum that her family treated at their hospital. The animal was hospitalized in time, thanks to which his life was saved.

Every day, the Bindi family fights for the lives of those who cannot protect themselves. The girl and her loved ones are trying to change the situation that has developed due to the Australian fires …

The damage the fire has done is truly shocking. Zoologists say that half a billion animals have already died, and these numbers only continue to grow.

It is good that there are compassionate people who take care of the affected animals in such a difficult time. Perhaps the number of those who managed to be saved is negligible compared to the number of dead, but this does not allow hope for the best to fade …

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