William Shatner’s Key to Staying Vibrant at 93: Stay Curious

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At 93, William Shatner shares his secrets to staying youthful and engaged. Speaking to PEOPLE at the premiere of his documentary “You Can Call Me Bill” in Los Angeles, Shatner attributes his energy to staying curious and his good health. He also credits his wife for her role in keeping him vibrant.

Despite turning 93, Shatner remains laid back about birthdays, but he’s excited about this documentary, which he initially declined but later embraced due to its unique approach. Directed by Alexandre Philippe, the film explores Shatner’s career, including life after Star Trek. He sees it as a way to leave a legacy for his children.

Shatner, who shares three daughters with his first wife Gloria Rand, reflects on the personal nature of the film and eagerly anticipates his children’s reaction.

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