“With a swarm of bees on the body”: Angelina Jolie had an incredibly bold photoshoot (video)

A few days ago, A. Jolie held an incredibly bold photo shoot, which only a determined woman can decide on. So, a few days ago, several photos of a star with a real swarm of bees that crawled on her were published on the Web.

This photo session was organized in honor of World Bee Day, which was celebrated a few days ago. With her act, Jolie only wanted to tell people about him, since, according to some UN data, there is a possibility of the disappearance of all bees from our planet.

In these pictures, the star appeared before the fans in a white dress, on which bees ran. For the photo session, special pheromones were used, which were necessary for the insects to remain calm.  



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As the artist admitted, she could not take a shower for three days, as the smells of the gel or shampoo could provoke a swarm.

Angelina also said that they closed her nose and ears so that insects could not fly in there. As the actress said, one bee snuck under her dress. She crawled along her knee, and Jolie herself was very worried that the bite did not fall on this part of the body.

At the same time, the entire film crew put on special protective suits during the photo shoot. It lasted about 19 minutes and all this time Jolie had to stand in the frame without moving.


Recall that the ex-wife of B. Pitt has been a UN representative for twenty years. It draws people’s attention to the very important problems of our world: the environment, education in needy countries, the security of our planet, and much more.

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