“Without Photoshop or makeup,” how did Penelope Cruz appear prior to plastic surgery?

Penelope Cruz has always stood out among other actors not only for her stunning appearance but also for her generous heart. She sheltered a large number of homeless animals, and the artist donates the majority of her earnings to charitable foundations. 

Penelope has always been known for her strong character and iron willpower, despite her boundless kindness. According to the actress, she is a staunch opponent of plastic surgery and “beauty injections” and will not compromise her beliefs. However, here our heroine was a little cunning because the star once had plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose.

Looking at Penelope, one gets the feeling that over the years she only gets prettier. Now she is already 46 years old, and the woman does not intend to hide her age, because she takes an example from Sophia Loren herself.

Our heroine frequently appears in public without makeup, though Cruz prefers to see herself with makeup.

Penelope looks great for her age. She is the owner of a chic figure, although signs of aging have already begun to appear on the face of the actress. Despite this, the woman’s fans love her, and support their idol in everything!

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