Woman finds an abandoned egg that hatched baby

Here is such an unusual pet who lives in the house of Chantal and her husband.

Someone gets a dog or a cat, but the American Chantel Grant decided to make an ordinary … duck her pet.

Many wild waterfowl lived near her house. The ducks constantly walked around the yard or could even enter the house if the door was open.

Chantal and her husband fell in love with such quacking neighbors and often came to their aid. Little ducklings could get stuck in the pool, and the owners of the house helped them out and took them to the nest to their mother.

One day, the woman noticed that there were eggs laid in the bushes near the house. She began to wait for the appearance of new babies. But one day, Grant saw an empty nest, only one egg-lay alone in it. It can be seen that the ducklings have already hatched, and the mother took them to a new place, but she did not wait for this baby.

The woman took the egg into the house, placed it under the lamp, and waited for the crumbs to appear. When the baby hatched and got stronger, Chantal went in search of his mother but did not find the duck family. Then the woman called the local society, engaged in the protection of wild animals. But they answered that ducks are not within their competence.

The couple decided to keep the baby at home and called the beautiful name Petunia. The whole family fell in love with the winged pet. When one of the household members returns home, the duck meets him at the door, while happily flapping his wings, wagging his tail like a dog, and quacking funny. Petunia loves to sit on the couch and snuggle up to her “parents”. She also loves to splash in the bathroom and fly around the house.

The winged pet even goes to work with the mistress. The woman works in a law firm, and there Petunia “communicates” with her colleagues.

Here is such an unusual pet who lives in the house of Chantal and her husband. Everyone loves Petunia very much, and she has become a full member of the family. The duck reciprocates “adoptive parents”, and in every possible way shows them his affection and love.

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