Woman Nurses Newborn Puppy After Cruel Human Dumps Him (video)

When Magni was found, he was so young that he still had his umbilical cord attached to his tiny body.

Magni’s umbilical cord was still linked to his little body when he was discovered as a baby. He had little hope of surviving after being violently separated from his mother and left out in the elements. Nevertheless, his adoptive mother Vanessa fell in love with him and tried all in her power to preserve his life.

Vanessa initially noticed Magni’s stunning face while browsing Facebook. According to a post by a rescue, the little puppy had been stolen from his mother soon after birth and abandoned by a person.

You can imagine how weak he was when he was discovered. The likelihood that he would even live was minimal due to his poor condition. She first had trouble convincing him to drink a bottle. She struggled mightily to remain composed and try not to anticipate the worst. When a puppy stops eating, we all know what that implies.

But all of a sudden, he began taking the bottle. The most crucial thing to Vanessa was that Magni was gaining weight even though she was feeding him every two hours and spending many restless nights.

She said, “I’m just so glad we met each other in this lifetime”.

Magni is already four months old and having the time of his life. He is totally prospering and progressing through his program quite well. His life began frightening and depressing, but he now understands genuine love.

He’s such a cuddle bug and insisted on always keeping at least his head on his mother. He loves to cram his enormous bulk into her cozy lap despite having no idea of his own size.

When he is around me, it’s simple to experience love, Vanessa stated.

He may be a combination of a Cane Corso and a Pointer, however, they are unsure of his exact breed. However, Magni is 100% lovely and adored regardless of his breed. Vanessa is happy to have located him and to have been able to give him the love and attention he needs.

Watch Magni’s touching tale in the video down below.

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