Woman’s Hand Amputated After Blow Dryer Accident

A woman in South Carolina got hurt when she was using her blow dryer. Her name is Mary Wilson. She went to the bathroom to dry her hair, but something went wrong. She passed out, maybe because the blow dryer shocked her.

Mary fell on top of the blow dryer, and it kept blowing hot air on her hand. She was on the floor for about 20 minutes until her partner found her. Her hand looked really bad, like it was burned badly.

She went to the hospital, and the doctors said they had to cut off her hand and wrist because they were badly burned. Mary’s hand had burns all the way to the bone.

Now Mary is getting better, but she has a bandage on her arm. She thinks blow dryers should turn off automatically to stop accidents like hers.

Losing her hand makes it hard for Mary to do normal things, like her job as a dog groomer. But she’s staying positive. She says she won’t let it stop her from living her life fully. Losing her hand is a big deal, but it’s only a small part of who she is.

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