Word Puzzle: Spot the “Fire and Ice” in 20 seconds

Find the word “Fire and Ice” that is hidden in the image in today’s challenge. This task has a 20-second time limit, however, you must solve it on your own. You will succeed in this challenge if you locate the solution within the allotted time.
Brain teasers are for people who enjoy taking on tasks of this nature since they take focus, and without them, you won’t be able to finish them in the allotted time. You probably won’t quickly notice every word at first. But after a short while, you might be able to spot “Fire and Ice” concealed within the picture. Even the most keen-eyed individuals are finding this brain teaser to be difficult. When we shared this image with our readers, 90% of them were unable to uncover all four of the concealed words, but 10% of them did so promptly. Now it’s your turn to try and locate it within the allotted time. You just have 20 seconds before the challenge begins to take a close look at this picture. Set the watch’s countdown timer, then choose “start with focus.”

Are you prepared to do this? Yes? 

Start finding the “Fire and Ice”

You have run out of time.

Congratulations to everyone who has located the “Fire and Ice.” Those who are still looking for them can discover the solution below.

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