“You began to look 20 years old”: Beyoncé charmed fans with a spicy image at a basketball game

About a month ago, the singer Beyoncé disappeared from all radars. The star did not publish photos on her pages on social networks and did not appear on television and at major events.

However, recently the artist went with her husband Jay-Z to basketball. The performer appeared at a sporting event in a short black dress. And a little later, she published a whole series of photos on her Instagram.

Many fans immediately noted that such a pause clearly benefited the singer. Already this year she will celebrate her 40th birthday, but at the same time, Beyoncé looks much younger than her years.

Also, fans paid special attention to the image of a celebrity and her appetizing figure. And some netizens even suggested that the singer had plastic surgery.

If you believe the words of the commentators, then Beyoncé corrected her nose and eye shape. At the same time, the followers bombarded her with compliments, noting that the singer began to look twice as young. Unfortunately, the star never responds to comments, so we can only guess about her beauty secrets.

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