You can learn about your origin by looking at the location of your toes

Scientists discovered that the location of the fingers on the foot can reveal your family affiliation. Genes express our roots and traits in the form of toes and feet. Do you want to know who your ancestors were? Then, using the image below, determine which type of foot you have.

1. You’re Egyptian. 

The first, second, third, and fourth toes, as well as the little finger, are followed in descending order. Owners of the Egyptian foot are said to have softness and emotionality, romance, and gullibility. 

2. You are of German origin.

 The thumb is the longest on such a foot, and the rest are all the same length. Such people long for order and stability. The owners of the German foot know what they want and work hard to get it.

3. You are of Greek origin. 

The second toe is longer than the first and third toes combined. They are followed by the fourth and little finger in descending order. The Greek foot is associated with self-will and ambition, independence, and purposefulness. 

4. You’re Celtic. 

The longest toe is the second in a row, but the rest are nearly equal in length. Celtic blood in you frequently drives you to reckless behavior. The primary distinctions are impulsiveness and stubbornness. There is also a lot of willpower.

5. You’re Roman

All of the fingers are roughly the same length. The thumb is nearly equal to the second, followed by the third, fourth, and little finger in descending order, but with no significant differences. Natures with the Roman type of foot are known for their directness and simplicity of character. People with a Roman foot are known for their “stubbornness” and perseverance, which serve them well.

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