You may be surprised to learn that Pierre Richard will be 87 years old this year

Pierre Richard is a well-known actor. He appeared in almost a hundred films over his career.

Let’s see how it looks now. We’d like to remind you that he’s already 86 years old.

Richard was born in the month of August 1934. His father was a maker of textiles. The youngster was largely raised by the grandpa, who hailed from an ancient aristocratic family.

However, Pierre’s mother’s father, with whom the youngster frequently went fishing, was a regular sailor. As a result, the future performer was able to become acquainted with many facets of society and comprehend all aspects of culture.

Pierre’s career started in the late 1950s. However, he rose to prominence only when multiple films about Franus Perren were made. By the way, many viewers still associate him with the image of a fair-haired bungler.

Richard took his hand at directing in 1970. The film “Scattered” was made under his rigorous supervision, and he performed the lead part. The film The Unlucky, in which Perrin’s partner, a private investigator, first debuted, was released in 1981. Gerard Depardieu was given the task of bringing this vision to life.

By the end of the 1980s, the actor was well-known and well-liked. He purchased vines in the country’s south and began producing wine immediately. This is an enjoyable activity, and he is doing quite well at it.

Time passed, but Pierre did not rest. He began writing scripts and novels, acting in films and TV series, and performing in the theater. He has appeared in films such as “Robinson Crusoe,” “When We Are Gone,” and “King Guillaume.” He also appears in our series “Parisians,” which takes place in a community called Paris (Chelyabinsk region).

The man continues to work in the film industry and attends parties and festivals. He loves spending time with way. Unfortunately, the passage of time takes its toll. He doesn’t look like himself in the final shot. You don’t recognize him as the same blond with a black boot. But there is nothing that can be done since time cannot be fooled. Everyone, including celebrities, ages. Although, of course, this is a very disturbing reality.

This year, you may watch Pierre in the comedy Brutus vs. Caesar. This is a fascinating proposal, and it will be nice to see a prominent actor in it.

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