Young Boy’s Touching Note to Mystery Police Officer in Restaurant

Nine-year-old Noah was eating breakfast with his mom at Denny’s when he saw a police officer sitting alone at a nearby table.

Noah felt nervous but wanted to do something nice for the officer, Policeman Eddie Benitez.

He asked his mom if he could say hi to Officer Eddie because he dreamed of becoming a police officer one day. Mom said yes, but Noah got too shy and didn’t say anything.

Instead, Noah decided to pay for Officer Eddie’s breakfast using some of his birthday money. Mom told the waitress their plan, and they paid for Eddie’s meal.

Noah wrote a message on the receipt and took it to Officer Eddie. Eddie was surprised but happy when he read Noah’s note. He even took a photo with Noah.

Noah’s note said, “I want to be like you when I grow up. Thank you for your service, Noah.”

Eddie was touched by Noah’s gesture. He carries the note with him every day as a reminder.

Eddie shared the story with 10 News, saying it meant a lot to him. The Lakeland Police Department also thought it was heartwarming and shared the photo on Facebook.

Noah was proud of making Officer Eddie happy and now wants to be a police officer even more.

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