Your heart will be won over by this adorably gorgeous and loving Pomsky puppy, who has achieved superstardom

This cute puppy is a cross between the Husky and Pomeranian breeds. 

In 2016, Norman was taken in after leaving a home breeding program. 

This adorable little thing spreads joy and happiness. He gives everyone he meets a smile. 

He has a huge following on Instagram. They appreciate his exquisite photographs. 

His following recently surpassed 64 k. 

His owner says she is fortunate to have him and that her dog is a blessing. 

Norman, according to her, is her sunlight. 

Without him, she is unable to envision her life. They enjoy playing, hugging, and giving each other lots of kisses while they are together. 

He gets along well with everyone.No matter how worn out or depressed you are, spending a few hours with him will brighten your day. 

One of the world’s prettiest and friendliest creatures are Pomskies. 

Such cuteness!

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