Your nail shape can reveal your character! Learning to “read” people

The easiest way to quickly get to know a person is to learn a couple of tricks from such science as physiognomy. By applying this practice, you can easily determine the type of personality of people by looking only at their external data.

At the moment, we suggest you pay attention to the shape of the nails. This detail will help you calculate some characteristics.

  • Look at the existing image with different nail shapes.
  • Test this technique for yourself.
  • Take a look at your nails and compare them with the pictures.
  • What shape do your nails best suit?

Below you can read the decoding of the shape of the nails.

What does the shape of the nails say?

Read the transcript in accordance with the nail shape number in the picture:

1. You are a romantic person who pays great attention to feelings. Sometimes you are too critical of yourself, especially since you are a perfectionist. You always notice the little things that others don’t.

2. You are a quick-tempered person, but quick-tempered. Of the pluses, you can note your insight and analytical mind. You can read people and have a great intuition that you can rely on.

3. You are always positive and have a balanced character. Everyone respects you for your calmness. You are a great listener and you are loved for it. You never take an example from other people!

4. You understand your feelings and always know what you want. You know how to set goals and achieve them without any problems. Because of this, many envy you, because you are never afraid of difficulties.

5. Fearless, desperate, but at the same time a really thoughtful person – all this is definitely about you. You are an adventurer in life and love to take risks! You need adrenaline and without it, you start to “dry”.

6. You are an intellectual who loves mental work. Warming up for “your brains” is the best solution for you. Only when you are mentally active do you feel good.

7. Ideas are your treasure! You should write down your ideas as often as possible. Bringing them to life, you can reach heights. In addition, you are a soft and sincere nature. Sometimes you are naive.

8. Honesty, loyalty, and justice – these glories characterize your nature. You treat people with special courtesy. Therefore, they are drawn to you. You have one huge plus – you quickly know how to find a way out of any situation.

9. You are an ambitious person who has a hard work ethic. Once you set a goal, you never stop until you achieve what you want. It is worth noting your versatility. This is a huge plus.

If you can memorize the decoding of all types of nails, then you will have a huge advantage! You will be able to read people like an open book. You can expose any person and bring him to clean water.

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