11-year-old Chihuahua threw himself into the 100-year-old woman’s arms mending her broken heart (video)

Before meeting Johanna, a 100-year-old German immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1950, the senior dog, called Gucci, lived with 22 other dogs.

It was just love at first sight. They appeared to be meant to be together.

Johanna claimed that as soon as Gucci caught sight of her, he flung himself into her arms and kissed her tenderly.

Everything changed when Johanna lost Rocky, her cherished dog.

She knew that no dog could ever take her place, but she still felt lonely and decided it was time to get another dog.

She yearned for a puppy’s company more than anything else since her life looked empty.

She firmly believed that her dog’s soul mate was out there waiting for him and that she ought to pursue him.

She arrived at the shelter and found Gucci, who was 11 years old. They were inseparable when she rushed to Johanna as soon as she spotted the woman.

Gucci and Johanna are now having a terrific time. Johanna starts massaging him as he sits in his chair.

Both her daughter and her guardian offer assistance to Johanna. He is currently enjoying his finest life, to use a Gucci reference.

We hope these two live long and prosperous lives.

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