12+ most incredible underwater places

Mankind is trying to study space and other planets, but there is still so much that has not been studied on our planet … The depths of the ocean hold so many secrets! Romantics call the sea a world of mysteries, miracles, and tragedies. And indeed it is.

We will tell you about the most mysterious places. Some of them are the remains of catastrophes, some are natural phenomena. These places fascinate, frighten, and delight. Sometimes it seems that people have no place in the depths of the sea?

This photo is like a graphic from a science fiction movie. In fact, this is a snapshot of ice diving. Only the most daring and desperate divers would dare to dive into the icy water with scuba gear. It’s very dangerous but incredibly beautiful!

This skeleton sitting at the wheel of the plane in the photo is just a plastic mock-up. But those who dive at the sites of air crashes say: at the bottom of the sea they met real pilots who were swallowed up by the abyss …

This is not a frame from a movie, but the Brazilian yacht Infinite Sea, which sank off the coast of Antarctica in 2012. The crew was not injured, they raised the alarm, and were rescued by a passing warship.

This picture can often be found on the Web with the caption “This is why I’m afraid of the ocean.” Indeed, the blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, it can easily capsize a boat with people. But in fact, these creatures are smart and friendly, but they still should avoid people …

And this picture is already scary in earnest. The diver is filmed against the backdrop of hairy cyanide, which is also called “Lion’s Mane”. This is one of the largest jellyfish in the world, but not dangerous to humans.

And these are pictures from the ship cemetery near the Truk Islands. This is a gloomy monument of the Second World War. It was in this place that the Americans defeated the Japanese fleet in 1944. 0 warships were swallowed up by the abyss. Diving in these places is dangerous, and collapsing ships are frightening … A terrible sight.

Saltwater corrodes the hull of the ship, marine inhabitants build their houses there … Over time, the ship becomes like a huge sea monster that lurks in the depths …

The depth is scary. This picture terrifies many people, with bathophobia, or fear of depth. And some divers are happy to descend into uncharted depths.

The name “underwater river” sounds strange. But this is a reality, such a phenomenon is located off the coast of Mexico. In an underwater cave, saltwater mixes with freshwater, creating a unique environment.

And it’s just fish. Deep-sea inhabitants are frightening, fortunately, they live in complete darkness and not many are destined to see them …

If you do not know what it is, you can get a heart attack while diving … And this is just a sculptural group from Jason Taylor. He creates not only underwater sculptures, but also reefs … Over time, this work of underwater art will become home to many marine species. The sculptures are harmless and created from natural materials.

The legendary Titanic has been one of the biggest mysteries of the ocean for many decades. He rests in the same place where he once met with an iceberg. The majestic creation of human hands delights and frightens.

And this unique place is an underwater cemetery. Neptune Memorial Reef is located off the coast of Florida. After the cremation of the deceased, their ashes are mixed with cement, then another piece of the memorial is built from this material …


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