12-year-old Sasha saved a dog from a flooded gutter

12-year-old Sasha Chebykin is the lone individual who did not ignore the appeal for assistance.

We want to tell you about this brave youngster who risked his life to rescue another’s. Let us spread the word so that as many people as possible are aware of it!

Tatyana Bormotova, a resident of Revda in the Yekaterinburg district, claimed she noticed on social media a dog carrying a puppy on Chaikovsky Street. She made the decision to go feed them.

The yard dog gave birth to puppies directly in the storm drain, but it poured violently, flooding the ditch. The dog was only able to extract one cub, and no one knew anything about the others.

The woman saw that the animal was restless; she kept climbing into this hole and whining. As she came closer, she noticed another little puppy. The mom couldn’t just turn around and leave; she had to save the baby or he would die. The child had spent a significant amount of time there and was wet, cold, and terrified.

“ I phoned EVERY authority: the police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Kombytservis and Antek dispatchers… I solicited assistance from both friends and strangers. But no one wanted to assist. And, by accident, a group of boys passed by.”

The boys were eager to assist right away.

The dog was tough to extract since he was so far away. But Sasha was not about to abandon him; he went above and above to preserve a little life. He jumped into the filthiest, coldest water he could find, stripping off all his clothing.

He was successful, and he now has a dog! I’m not scared to get dirty in order to save a life. A true hero.

“I am relieved that at least one individual was discovered in Revda. I’m proud of him,” remarked the woman.

Sasha was injured during the rescue effort and had to go to the hospital.

The humble man has already become a network hero, and the Center for Youth Work has received a proposal to grant him a certificate.

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