13 celebrity couples who got married once and for all

Today, a lasting marriage is rare. It is no longer surprising when young people play a magnificent wedding, and after a couple of months, they scatter, unable to withstand the hardships and boring life.

And if in Soviet times divorce was a condemned act, today it has ceased to cause resonance and opposition from society. Even marriage itself is slowly turning into something optional, and many couples prefer to live under the same roof without formalizing the relationship. Is it correct? Here everyone decides for himself.

The more admirable are the couples who have lived together for more than a dozen years. And today we will talk about the stars who got married once and, it seems, forever. Any problems made their unions only stronger and happier.

Salma Hayek’s 9-year marriage

Salma met businessman Francois-Henri Pino in Venice back in 2006. It took the couple almost 3 years to understand: they do not see the future without each other. In 2009, they played a magnificent wedding at the La Fenice Theater (Venice).

Beyoncé’s 10-year marriage

She first worked with Jay-Z in 2002 on the song “03 Bonnie & Clyde”. Other joint projects followed. And only in 2008, after 6 years of dating, did the couple legalize the relationship.

Jessica Alba’s 10-year marriage

Jessica Alba started dating Cash Warren in 2004 on the set of Fantastic Four. After 4 years, the lovers got married. The secret of their happy relationship is simple – more time together and a romantic atmosphere every day. At least that’s what Jess says.

Claudia Schiffer’s 16-year marriage

If the previous members of our top had to meet at least 3-4 years, then the German supermodel Claudia Schiffer needed only a year to see a kindred spirit (and an ideal husband) in producer Matthew Vaughn.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her 16 years of marriage

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star married Freddie Prinze Jr. in September 2002 after filming I Know What You Did Last Summer. Over the years, the actors not only have not cooled off towards each other, but are constantly working on relationships, and also regularly appear together in public.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ 18-year marriage

Fateful for young Katherine was the acquaintance with the already established actor Michael Douglas at a film festival in France in 1998. After 2 years, the lovers got married, despite the 25-year age difference. And although recently their marriage has experienced difficulties, the actors continue to live together.

Sarah Jessica Parker and 21 years of marriage

The actress met Matthew Broderick at a party in 1991. However, it took young people as much as 6 years to decide on the next step. Both see the secret of a strong marriage in a respectful attitude towards each other.

Cate Blanchett’s 22-year marriage

Kate met Andrew Upton when she was studying at the institute. A year after they met, the young people legalized the relationship. The secret of their long marriage is in common interests and the absence of secrets from each other.

Lisa Kudrow and 23 years of marriage

If Lisa Kudrow and Michelle Stern decided to immediately legalize their relationship, then their marriage would have exceeded 30 years. This is because the actress met the advertiser Michel back in 1987.

The 30-year marriage of Kyra Sedgwick.

The same 1987 was also fateful for Kira Sedgwick, who met Kevin Bacon on the set. The actors quickly found what they were looking for in each other, and got married a year later.

Rita Wilson’s 30-year marriage

Rita met Tom Hanks on the set of the movie Bosom Friends back in 1981, and 7 years later she married the actor. Rita believes that the secret of a long and happy marriage is trusting relationships and helping each other in difficult times.

Jamie Lee Curtis and 34 years of marriage

According to the actress’s friends, Jamie saw a photo of the composer Christopher Guest, fell in love, and promised that she would “marry this guy.” Imagine everyone’s surprise when Jamie kept her word six months later.

Meryl Streep’s 40-year marriage

One of the best actresses in the history of cinema her youth experienced a terrible loss – her fiancé died of lung cancer. From severe depression, the girl was saved by the sculptor Don Gummer, whom she later married. Last year, the star couple celebrated 40 years of marriage. And the secret to their happiness is that they share all their problems and joys equally.

I just want to be happy for these successful people who, in addition to the recognition of millions of people, managed to find something more important – simple family happiness and home comfort.

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