14 photos of people who skillfully spoiled animals – and it turned out funny (photos)

Everyone has a friend who ruins a photo. Sometimes he is fluffy and four-legged. Before you are a series of shots, the main part of which was far from being taken by people, although it was they who were actually filmed.

What are you filming there?

Great family shot with sloth

Even more fun with a cat

And a decent frame was planned

Not the most aesthetic background

Taking a clear photo with your pets is a real challenge

That moment when you are only glad for a sudden frame

Also wanted to be in the frame

Ceremonial photos ruined

The owner wanted to make an angel in the snow, but something went wrong

A cooking blog without wool in food – not a blog

Posing too

The seagull decided to fly

He doesn’t care at all

The cutest animals in the world

Videos from internet

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