15 dads showed what it’s like to have a daughter who has a passion for makeup

Men who have become fathers of girls know firsthand how difficult it can be with them. Getting involved in games with a daughter is not always easy, but the dads from our photo collection do a great job of it.

It seems that dads and sons have a lot more in common than dads and daughters. If you can play ball with the former, ride cars, or go fishing, then girls’ hobbies are unlikely to captivate men. But still, sometimes it is worth succumbing to the persuasion of your charming girl, even if she asks you to do makeup. After all, perhaps such a pastime will awaken her talents, and in the future, she will become an artist or an excellent makeup artist. It’s also another way to spend time together, and for girls, spending time with their dads is just as important as spending time with their moms. It is the father who sets an example of how a man should treat a woman, allowing the girl to grow self-confident, he teaches her to love and accept herself. And think about it, if sometimes you have to turn into a make-up model for this.

1. When you learned to make ponytails

2. The pedicure from my daughter came out great, and what a combination of colors

3. What you won’t do to watch football in silence for an hour

4. Dad with a bunny on his cheek from his beloved daughter

5. And the daughters of such dads are definitely happy

6. That doomed unicorn look

7. Two weeks ago I went to visit my beloved grandchildren, it was a lot of fun

8. And they tried to turn this dad into a bird with a yellow beak

9. That’s why he wanted sons

10. If you have a beard, then this is an additional field for creativity.

11. You can’t do without sandwiches, otherwise how to agree to this

12. The daughter experimented with hair color, she is clearly happy with the result

13. Makeup that matches your hair color

14. When you were accidentally turned into a zombie or Frankenstein’s monster

15. He fell asleep too soundly after a working day, and my daughter tidied up his beard

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