15 Facts About Princess Diana That Will Make You Love Her More

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than 20 years since Princess Diana passed away. If that horrific car accident hadn’t occurred back then, the beloved figure of millions today might be a contented 59-year-old grandmother of three grandchildren and a granddaughter, sharing a personal story with them.

First and foremost, when we think of the royal family, we think of Queen Elizabeth and the families of her grandkids. Furthermore, the latter frequently sparks conversation! But let’s face it, even 25 years later, people still remember the name of the “queen of hearts.” Kate Middleton referred to Lady Di once more, Prince William’s wife gave birth to their first child in a hospital, just like his mother did, Meghan Markle is compared to Princess Diana, and hundreds of other headlines in a similar vein demonstrate how Diana Spencer will always serve as the best example and, of course, remain in memory. And it’s unquestionably worthwhile to learn more about it!

1. Pointed shoes rather than a crown.

Princess Diana aspired to work as a ballerina professionally. But sadly, at 1.78 cm tall, she was unable to carry out her ambitions.

2. Studies and good grades are not about our heroine.

Diana studied at home until she was nine years old, and then she attended a boarding school. At the age of 16, she completely abandoned her own school after failing the tests twice. She barely managed to complete one semester of her studies in Switzerland before leaving to wed Prince Charles.

3. Sister worked as Cupid.

You won’t believe this, but Lady Dee’s future husband really first met Sarah, her elder sister!

4. We are not afraid of hard work!

That’s correct, Diana Spencer was able to work as a babysitter, a dancing instructor, a preschool group helper, and even a housekeeper when she was still a teenager.

5. No obedience and vows.

Just consider how Princess Diana changed the lines that successive generations of the royal family had said at their weddings. She merely pledged to “love him, comfort him, respect him, and remain together in sickness and health,” according to her marriage vows. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle followed this example!

6. Childbirth in the hospital.

Yes, Princess Diana “rewrote” centuries-old customs on this subject by choosing to give birth in a hospital, just like the rest of the people of Great Britain, rather than at home.

7. Diana is a style icon.

This fact is currently well-established in the history of fashion. However, not everyone is aware that Katherine Walker, a popular designer, was the creator of the “corporate style” and the brains behind several memorable princess gowns. It is well known that females were bonded directly by a sisterly relationship rather than just by friendship!

8. Letters of thanks.

Thousands of people gave Diana’s family presents every day. And she sent a postcard with the message “thank you” to each (!) of them!

9. In the rhythm of disco.

You probably were unaware that Lady Dee’s preferred foreign band was ABBA.

10. Rescue clutch.

Diana’s public demeanor changed as a result of living in the spotlight of cameras. And the princess started wearing a handbag, which could hide everything at the moment, in order to avoid showing “much” once again. Today, the clutch is the go-to purse for these occasions.

11. Ring catalog.

The royal family’s treasury is filled with jewels, each of which has a unique history. Diana did not, however, commission jewelers to make her wedding band. She just went to the Garrard catalog and made her selection. By the way, Kate Middleton is wearing a ring with 14 diamonds and a 12-carat sapphire today!

12. Wombat instead of a cat or a bear cub.

Every mother enjoys giving her child adorable nicknames. Diana then started referring to her oldest kid as a “wombat.” This took place following a family vacation to Australia. True, but according to Prince William, this is only because it sounded sweet and kind, not because it resembled an animal.

13. Princess on the cover.

Every glossy publication hoped to include a picture of Lady Dee on the cover. And plenty of them did. Diana, for instance, graced the covers of Time magazine eight times, Vogue four times, and People more than fifty times.

14. Model for sons.

Diana was aware of Cindy Crawford’s enduring appeal to her boys during the height of her career. And what did she do, do you know? arranged a surprise and extended an invitation to the model to have tea at Kensington Palace!

15. In heaven and in hearts.

Diana the Princess died on August 31, 1997. It is estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world saw at least a portion of her funeral on TV or in person. The popular American figure’s cemetery is situated on an island within a landscaped lake on the Althorp Park family’s property. Four black swans circle the gravesite, and 36 oak trees that were planted once every year the deceased lived led to the burial site. A pair of rosaries that Mother Teresa gave to Princess Diana was buried with her.

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