15 images of renowned cartoon characters as they might seem in real life

Many of us like watching cartoons. How would you imagine the characters from your favorite cartoons if they suddenly came to life? Hydraulic Diao employed artificial intelligence to determine how cartoon characters might seem in real life. SpongeBob, Charlie Brown, and even Donkey from the animated film “Shrek” can now be seen as actual humans.

1. SpongeBob

2. Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons

3. Merida from Brave

4. Peter Griffin from Family Guy

5. Moana

6. Shrek

7. Princess Fiona from Shrek

8. Bob Parr from The Incredibles

9. Ash Ketchum from Pokémon

10. Charlie Brown

11. Miguel Rivera from Coco

12. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons

13. Lois Griffin from Family Guy

14. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

15. Donkey from Shrek

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