15 powerful XXL dogs whose sizes are amazing

The amount of joy and happiness brought by a dog is directly proportional to its own weight. So those who have large breeds at home can be safely attributed to the main lucky ones in this life. It doesn’t matter that larger pets mean more drool, eaten food, and trampled feet. The main thing is those fluffy giants should be happy with their little owners – just like these fellows in the photographs!

“My Giant Dog”

“They bought a chair for the neighbor’s dog so that he could say hello to ours”

“Who did you beep to?”

“Big dogs are afraid of doctors too!”

Caught a cloud

Already a big boy

“My dad and his dog”

Who is bigger?

Fluffiness only adds size

With such a companion, no roads are scary

Greyhounds are not only fast, but also big dogs

“Who barked at my owner?”

“My baby”

Domestic mini bear

“This dog has some strange ears”

What kind of dogs do you prefer? Bigger or smaller?

The cutest animals in the world

Videos from internet

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