15 Rare Historical Celebrity Selfies From A Time When It Wasn’t Fashionable

At first, it was strange, but now it’s ubiquitous – it’s about selfies. Nowadays, people taking selfies look very sane and adequate, but this was not always the case. In the recent past, such shots were rare (“was there really no one to photograph you?”), But they still occurred. We invite you to take a look at retro shots of celebrities who took selfies before they gained mass popularity.

1. Rowan Atkinson, 1987

2. Madonna, 1982

3. Stanley Kubrick with his daughter on the set of The Shining, 1980

Jack Nicholson probably thought they were filming it.

4. Paul McCartney, 1959

5. John Lennon, 1967

6. Marilyn Monroe, 1962

7. Linda, Paul, and Mary McCartney, 1969

8. Very early selfie by photographer Joseph Byron, 1909

9. Frank Sinatra, 1930

10. Neil Armstrong, 1969

11. Michael Jackson, 1996

12. George Harrison, 1966

13. Stanley Kubrick, 1949

14. Richard Avedon and Sophia Loren, 1960s

15. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, 1992

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