15 touching pictures of animals before and after rescue (photos)

Rescuing an animal from the street or from a shelter is an amazingly kind act. Thanks to such caring people, the pussies from this collection have found a warm loving home and a new life. Look into their happy eyes!

This is one of the kitties that I took care of as a shelter volunteer. I loved her so much that I decided to take her with me. Meet Misty”

What a wonderful transformation!

A cat named Coconut before and after being rescued from the street

The day I adopted this baby from the shelter, and 4 months later”

“We adopted this girl a week after her paw was injured by a car. Now she is the queen in our house”

“Our cat Simba. From a skinny homeless kitten to a spoiled guy”

“The moon is with us for six months. She’s been through a lot with her previous owners and has been abused a lot. But now she’s learned what real love and care is.

A frightened shelter puppy turned into a wonderful, happy dog ​​in a year

“Brody is a special dog. As a child, his mother injured his muzzle, but now he has become a therapy dog and helps people with disabilities recover.”

“The day I picked her up, she was weak, thin, and drooping.  And here is my miracle after 10 months”

We adopted this shy, three-legged dog from a shelter. Now she is full of energy, love, and we love her with all our hearts!

Incredible transformation

Elderly street dog six months after being rescued

The shy little boy turned into a handsome man

“We adopted Harley six months ago. She was found on the streets with severe mange, and now she is a happy dog ​​who plays with her canine brother, loves walking and chasing seagulls on the beach!”

The cutest animals in the world

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