16 famous men who have gained charm and attractiveness over the years!

Everyone wants to live forever young. Most people believe that they will undoubtedly lose their youthful beauty and change as they age. But it is absolutely not the case. Every era has its allure. We have compiled a list of famous people that defied this preconception for you today. We have images of famous people from their youth and current photos for your consideration.

Soon, Til Schweiger will become 57 years old. 

Following “ER,” this actor achieved fame. The age of George Clooney is 59! 

In comparison to the majority of the stars from today’s material, Zac Efron is still rather young but observes the dynamics. He is 33 years old.


Justin Timberlake, another man who has won the hearts of women, is 39 years old! 

Jude Law is already 47 years old, which may or may not be a shock. 

As Longbottom, Matthew Lewis may be recalled. He’s past adolescence and is now 31 years old! 

Will Smith, who is 52, has three children and is a parent in addition to his creative abilities. 

Nicolas Cage is 56. 


This year, Channing Tatum turns 40.

Leonardo DiCaprio, age 46! 

Dwayne Johnson, another figure of Hollywood, turns 46 years old! 

Hugh Jackman, a family-oriented actor from Australia, is 52 this year! 

Robert Downey Jr is 55. 

Keanu Reeves, born in Lebanon, turned 56! 

44-year-old Ryan Reynolds! 

Tom Hardy, a BAFTA winner, turns 43!

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