16 items from the past that made our lives much more convenient

Times change and the things we use change with them. And what until recently was the ultimate dream of most people, today, at best, has a value only as antiques. Although there are exceptions. Some things were done so well that little has changed. But still, most things have undergone dramatic changes or have been completely replaced by modern counterparts. It is all the more interesting to look at them in order to imagine what people wanted to purchase at different times.

1. Only basic functions on the old TV remote control.

2. Manual clippers from the early 19th century. You had to be very patient to use these.

3. Now people collect old shaving kits, and some people still use them!

4. Vintage travel sewing kit. Threads of different colors could be wound on the reel, and the needles were placed in the center. By the way, the thing is made of gold.

5. The first patented toilet paper holder.

6. The old workplace of the dentist in the lobby of the clinic.

7. Antique cash desk now looks cumbersome and inconvenient, but at one time it was a great help to sellers.

8. Even with the advent of electricity, people continued to use kerosene lamps.

9. Nowadays, laundry has become a very simple task. To see this, one has only to look at this antique washing machine.

10. Mom uses an old butcher shop paper cutter as a modern paper towel holder.

11. Refurbished 1938 coffee grinder is ready to work for another 84 years!

12. Children played these slot machines for hours and never got bored.

13. Such a multimedia system in the 60s was the ultimate dream for many.

14. This pocket computer from Hewlett-Packard with the operating system MS-DOS was released in 1991.

15. More recently, laptops were produced with remote controls, like those on a TV.

16. And for a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, special removable cameras were sold.

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