16-year-old daughter of Julia Roberts fascinated web users

Surely you have seen the actress Julia Roberts in various Hollywood films, for example: “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Pretty Woman”, “I Love Trouble”, as well as in the famous TV series “Friends” of the 2000s.

In her personal life, the woman is also doing very well – back in 2002, she married Denis Moder. Later they had children – Finneas, Henry, as well as daughter Hazel, who will be eighteen years old in November of this year.

The girl looks very similar to her famous mother – many believe that only the color type of appearance distinguishes them. Many predict that the girl will become incredibly successful in the very near future, as soon as she starts doing what she likes.

Also, many people compare the girl with Scarlett Johansson – they believe that they are both very similar, although this cannot be explained by anything.

Who do you think Hazel looks like?

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