16-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

The girl has grown up into a real beauty!

Children grow really fast and strangers usually pay a lot of attention to them. Especially the children of celebrities attract the attention of paparazzi and the fans of their parents. In this article we’re going to talk about the daughter of om Cruise and Katie Holmes – Suri. The girl is already 16-year-old.

Seems like it was yesterday that the actor was going for walks with his little daughter in his arms. And today she’s already a grown-up beauty!

Many people expect the girl to become a successful model in the future. She’s often seen in stylish outfits.

Fans say the girl has inherited her beauty and charm from her stunning mother. Their resemblances are visible even in paparazzi shots.


Suri is a very easy-going and calm child. Hopefully, her character will not change much in her teenage years.


After the divorce of her parents, Suri has met her father only once in 2015. Tom Cruise doesn’t take part in his daughter’s upbringing.

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