17 Brilliant Ideas Whose IQ Is Unmeasurable

People do not always use their genius for space exploration, solving problems in physics, and other high things.

Sometimes intelligence, cunning, and ingenuity find another use – more every day. In such cases, smarties and smarties make familiar things more convenient or create something new.

The main thing is that thanks to their innovations, the life of those around them became better, more comfortable, and more interesting.

1. An escalator that helps maintain social distancing.

According to the creator’s intention, a person stands on a step with a green mark, and all the rest remain empty.

2. Pack of Oreo Cream.

For those who like the cream itself, but not the cookies.

3. Special waste bins for cyclists in the Netherlands.

4. On the back of the sticker from Intel shows the structure of the processor.

5. “In Mexico, stickers are added to packs that report excess sugar and calories in the product.”

6. “There are metal fragments on the soles of my winter boots that help keep me from slipping on ice.”

7. Drawing on the glass helps to understand what a destroyed historic building looked like.

8. A special lid that helps to drink without straws.

9. A sticker that invites shoppers to learn waltz moves while they’re waiting in line.

10. UNO Braille Cards for the Visually Impaired.

11. “My math teacher has a stamp with his face for those who wrote the test well.”

12. Detergent packaging with less plastic and more degradable cardboard.

13. General photo, which specifically left a place for the fold.

14. Showcase in the dentist’s office that shows the amount of sugar in different products.

15. The museum shows how touching the exhibits affects their condition.

On the left is the part that visitors are offered to touch. And on the right is the untouched part.

16. “I bought a comb and it came with a hair removal tool.”

17. This device is needed to measure the distance on paper maps (for those who still use them).

You just need to “roll” it along the desired route, and it will show the final distance between the two points.

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