17 photos of cats before and after they found a home

Kindness and love can make wonders. When a homeless cat finds a home and a loving family, it literally blossoms and it is impossible not to notice!

“This is Remy when he was found he was only 6 months old and no one loved him until we appeared in his life”

Feel the difference

“It’s only been nine months since my friend brought home this kitten”

“Meet Leo, I found him under the stairs in my backyard and shelter him. We’ve been together ever since.”

One year difference

“8 years ago I adopted a blind cat for my birthday”

“My husband and I took this baby last summer, the result is in the face”

“My father found this poor fellow near the road. Looks like we spoiled him a little.”

“Handsome Keller. I love him”

“Several years ago, Harvey was an emaciated kitten who was found near a dumpster. Now, this is a self-sufficient cat making a modeling career.”

A year ago and today

“My little foundling is no longer small”

“A month ago I found a street cat with newborn kittens. Now they are all right.”

“5 months ago they picked up a helpless kitten, now he will set the heat on anyone”

Pugsley before and after the rescue.

“This is Pele, when he was little, his mother abandoned him, so these responsibilities had to be taken over”

“We took two from the shelter at once, we never regretted it”

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