17 photos of celebrities from the times when only classmates knew them, and not the whole world

These are now the stars of cinema and shows business knows the whole world. But in school years, only classmates, and mom and dad, heard about them. Naturally, in those days they had no idea about their future popularity and lived an ordinary childhood life. That is why the photographs of those years are so interesting to look at, so go ahead – plunge into nostalgia with your head!

Brad Pitt in 1970 with his basketball team.

Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to the same high school.

19-year-old Madonna.

Steven Seagal is 18 here.

Steve Irwin before he became The Crocodile Hunter.

Samuel L. Jackson.

Mark Sinclair, who would later become known as Vin Diesel.

Tom Hanks in the 1960s.

And who is this handsome guy? It’s George Clooney!

And this beauty is Tom Cruise.

Meryl Streep was on the cheerleading team in 1966.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was already a jock in 1980.

Ryan Reynolds and his catch.

Matthew McConaughey looks to a brighter future.

Ewan McGregor in 1986.

Courteney Cox in her youth.

Brian Hugh Warner, who most of us know as Marilyn Manson.

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