20 photos with animals behaving in the weirdest and funniest way possible (photos)

Sometimes animals behave like real fools – but we only love them more after that! Check out these funny pictures and let them cheer you up.

My husband naively thought that after installing the blinds, cats would stop jumping on the windowsill

Sleepy kingdom

Best photo of my dog

Resting from rest

Sometimes my dog sits on the sofa like a human

Two croissants

When asked to smile for a photo

Well hello

S – synchrony

Our cat often sits like this with its paw hanging down

I’m a cat, I’m comfortable like this

Curiosity – that’s what

Well, what a miracle lives with me

Kitten in a hat

The cart is guarded by an angry dog!

Our dog is just a walking frame

Lie down to rest

Our Maine Coon always lies in the strangest positions


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