28-Year-Old Converts Old Bluebird Bus into Impressive Home After Business Setback

Craig Gordinier had a tough time when he was 28. He had to decide whether to move back in with his parents or do something different. He chose to do something different and bought a school bus to live in.

This happened in early 2020. Craig had a business deal that didn’t work out because of COVID-19. He ended up at his parents’ house starting over.

Instead of waiting until he was older to travel in an RV, Craig decided to do it now. He didn’t want to wait until he retired.

He looked at different options for mobile homes like vans and tiny houses. Eventually, he found the perfect bus in South Dakota. He flew there and bought it.

It took him 28 hours to drive the bus back to Massachusetts. When he got home, he started working on it. Turning a school bus into a home was hard work. Craig had help from his family and friends. He took everything out of the bus, insulated it, and then put in new stuff.

Now, the bus has things like a regular door, security system, and a higher ceiling in the living area. Craig also added storage boxes and a deck for his motorcycle.

The bus is like a real home with modern stuff like solar panels and skylights. He kept the driver’s seat area as it was to remember the bus’s history. Inside, the bus is cool and practical. The kitchen has recycled cabinets, storage, and a stove.

There’s also a bathroom with nice tiles and a shower. The bedroom has a big window.

Craig says the bus feels like a mansion on wheels.

His project shows how determined he is to live his life the way he wants to. It’s a great example of creativity and hard work.

You can watch a video to see the whole transformation.

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