5 great melodramas that perfectly cheer you up

When the mood leaves much to be desired and you want to raise it, a good movie will help. An uncomplicated plot, high-quality performance, good actors – all this, combined with romance, works no worse than antidepressants.

Among these 5 films, everyone can find an interesting option for themselves.

1. “Boyfriend from the future”

The protagonist of this story is able to travel through time. This amazing gift he uses to find love. In addition to the melodramatic component, the film is full of reflections on the role of the family, human relationships in general, about the stability and changes that life is full of.

2. “Life as it is”

The main characters suddenly find themselves in circumstances where they have to take custody of their goddaughter. The girl’s parents die and there is no one else to take care of the child. The matter is complicated by the fact that the godparents organically cannot stand each other. Will they be able to change their attitude towards each other for the sake of the child, because now they have to live together?

3. “Sweet couple”

The relationship of the main characters is at a stage close to breaking when they visit New Orleans. There, they suddenly become suspects in a murder case. To remove suspicion from yourself, you need to find the criminal, and figure everything out. As the story unravels, the characters themselves change and their relationships change as well. The film is quite funny, but there is something to think about.

4. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”

The main character met the girl he dreamed of all his life. but everything turns out to be as simple as we would like. He will have to defeat seven former men in order to achieve beauty.

5. “Setup”

This story is filmed in the spirit of 90s melodramas, naive, but very attractive. The main characters work as assistants to managers, in whose life the main thing is work. They come up with an idea – to introduce the bosses so that they find interest outside of work. In parallel, their romantic line develops.

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