6 movies and series that women really like

Films and TV series called “female” perfectly know how to set up, motivate, and make you think.

These films are worth watching for every woman.

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The main character, by hook or crook, is trying to get rid of the guy. She behaves as intrusively as possible and in every possible way demonstrates how not to attract men. However, all this does not prevent the couple from being together and understanding that the fewer plans, the better the result.

2. Boyfriend from the future

A romantic film about how ease in life can lead to success: sometimes love is not found where you expect it to be. It’s also a movie about not drowning yourself in a relationship.

3. Erin Brockovich

The story is based on real events, where the main character is played by Julia Roberts. A great motivator for those who consider themselves a useless cog in the machine of the system.

4. In bed with the enemy

Another atmospheric story is about a woman who is fighting, not with the system, but with her husband. A young beautiful couple living on the coast seems perfect to everyone. But in the immaculate house on the shore, something terrible is happening. A tyrant husband, beatings, violence – this is the fate of the heroine Julia Roberts. How to break free from the fetters of a sick person and save your life?

5. It means war

The girl does not know how to get acquainted and starts a profile on a special site, hoping to find her soul mate. As always, it is worth meeting one man, another one, and also worthy immediately appears. Recently, the lonely heroine sets up a competition between fans, but in the end, love helps her make a decision.

6. Big Little Lies

A chic series about what is hidden behind the mask of prosperous families. Very vivid models of the family life of different women are presented so realistically that you begin to look for something similar in life.

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