6 years ago, the couple had twin sisters with different skin colors, How do they look now?

She is still concerned.

Children of mixed-race marriages usually stand out from the crowd. The British twins Anaya and Mila, however, immediately garnered interest.

The entire world was talking about them long ago. The cause was the girls’ distinctive skin tones. We’ll discuss their early lives and current appearance.

After a few weeks, the skin of newborn girls progressively changed: Anaya, like her mother, was light; Mila’s skin gradually grew black.

These mutations do happen, but they are quite rare. “Because they are not identical twins, Mila took more of their father’s genes, and Anaya took more of my genes,” the girl’s mother said.

“They share the same birthday and the same parents, but they are just total opposites in every way. We can’t believe they are twins.”

Hannah is worried about her daughter’s future even though she is aware that her circumstance is not unusual.

The devoted mother worries that other people will judge her kids and that they will be excluded from the school team.
Following the birth of the twins, Hannah and Kyle attracted a lot of media attention.

Pictures of the couple holding their children appeared in the world’s media, and various publications tried to explain the sisters’ strange behavior.

The family’s public profile decreased six years later. Parents make an effort to keep their daughters unnoticed: On a personal social media account, they periodically upload images of Anaya and Mila.

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