60-Year-Old Gold Medal Champions Skate On Ice To “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (video)

Perhaps just a few activities are as elegant and magnificent as icebergs. Observing the adept ice cubes move over the ice in ways we could never have imagined is peaceful and elegant. These illustrations exhibit the body’s incredible flexibility and motion coordination.

We’re particularly curious about how individuals can move so fluidly and lightly, and how it just takes a few hours for them to become that skilled and show it off to the world with a certain egg. It goes without saying that intense training and hard effort are necessary in order to achieve the highest level of success in sports. Two glacier legends, Jane Thorville and Christopher Dean have what it takes. After having a distinguished career as ice skaters, they are now adjudicating all of these competitions.

In any case, they have the chance to give it their all and show that, despite quitting their competitive sport, they are still every bit as good as they were when they were on their way to the top. In March 2019, they gave a performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the ITV Dancing On Ice Championships. Even though the gigantic skaters were rather old, they were nevertheless able to outperform the finest skiers of our day.

They posted their thoughts on Twitter and other social media sites after their performance was broadcast. By breaking a world record at the 1984 Winter Olympics, they completely stunned the audience, and they never cease to wow all of their supporters and lovers.

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