63-year-old Madonna was criticized on the Web for a candid image that does not suit her age!

Recently, Madonna shocked the Network by sharing unfiltered photos from the party on her Instagram page.

For a long time, the 63-year-old artist restrained herself from participating in such an intimate picture session, but suddenly she caved in. The celebrity made an incisive entrance while revealing just a bit of her flesh.

Madonna was not the only famous person to take a nap in the exclusive Chiltern Firehouse. Our heroine, however, did not like the DJ and requested that he be replaced immediately upon taking her role.

Within a few days, images of the singer received more than 300 reactions.


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Публикация от Madonna (@madonna)

However, not all of them were good. Many viewers are upset that a woman of her age would act in such a way. What do you folks think of this tale? You may find me in the comments section.

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