64-year-old Madonna and her younger boyfriend

The performer has quite a rich personal life

Despite being 64 years old, Madonna is still one of the most famous Hollywood artists. After her divorce from Ahlamalik Williams, the celebrity began constantly going on different dates. The last time, the performer was seen on a date with Andrew Darnell. The guy is 41 years younger than Madonna.

The artist shared her photo together with her boyfriend on social networks. Her fans were stunned by the fact, that the 64-year old woman was dating a guy, 41 years younger than her.

The first meeting of the couple took place on the set of Paper magazine. They have officially announced their relationship.

Andrew is a model, and is doing his first steps in the film industry.

Remember, that the relationship between Madonna and her ex became known in 2019. They were first seen together in Miami. Later it turned out they had been dating for a few months already. Ahlamalik was one of Madonna’s stage dancers.

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