A 12-year-old boy made a wheelchair out of Legos for his disabled dog

Gracie, a 2-day-old puppy, was discarded by her “kind” breeders since she was born without front legs. But the good-hearted individuals resolved to go to whatever length to save her.

Gracie’s “masters” abandoned her on the street two days after she was born, as if she were a broken toy due to her lack of front legs.

When passersby heard the baby’s screams, they carried her to the Mostly Mutts shelter, where she was cared for and taken to the veterinary clinic. The infant did not have hair around her eyes at the time, and worms crawled over her; there was severe tiredness, as the kid had been laying in a rubbish dump for several days without a mother, and there was no one to feed her, care for, and take care of the newborn dog. Without a doubt, she was in a bad way, yet she proved to be a fighter who genuinely wanted to survive.

The puppy was eventually adopted by the Turney family, who already had a paralyzed dog and another that was missing one leg.

The family was concerned about Gracie’s mobility because he was a fast-growing puppy, and it was inconvenient to purchase an expensive baby wheelchair that he would only require for a few weeks.

Dylan, their 12-year-old son, had the wonderful idea of constructing a homemade wheelchair out of Lego components.

This was the ideal answer for Gracie because it was reasonably priced and could be adjusted proportionally as the puppy grew.

Gracie ultimately began to travel comfortably from one location to another after a few weeks of adjusting to having wheels instead of legs.

After Gracie grew a bit, the chair was modified with larger wheels, and when she was old enough, a wheelchair for “adults” was already purchased for her.

The dog is currently extremely happy with his family, totally healthy, and brings joy to everyone with his charming disposition, which has always distinguished him as a joyful and cheerful dog.

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